Dru Kucera, Banquet Chef

Favorite Menu Item: Braised Coq Au Vin

When asked what Dru wanted to be when he grew up his answer was always rockstar. While he might not have become a rockstar in the traditional sense, he sure does rock people’s socks off in the kitchen. His favorite things to make are sauces and aioli’s because he likes trying to find the balance between flavors to create something delicious.

Dru started working for Catering Creations in December of 2013 and says that his favorite part about working here is by far the staff.  He loves working with all of his coworkers and having the ability to be himself.

“Tell them that I’m Witty and Charming.”-Dru Kucera

Dru is one of the biggest jokesters, hates vegetables, and has one of the best senses of humor around.

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