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While every cause is a wonderful and worthwhile cause, our primary community mission is to feed hungry children.  We believe a commitment to the environment and a commitment to the local community are responsible business practices.  On a weekly basis, Catering Creations donates under-expired perishables to Saving Grace Perishable Food Rescue.   Within 24 hours of rescuing perishable foods from our commissary, Saving Grace has placed the food with an organization that works to feed the hungry such as Hope Center for Kids, Youth Emergency Services, Ronald McDonald House, Open Door Mission, Sienna Francis House and more.  Through our giving fund and in-kind donations, Catering Creations donates 10% of its profits every year to local charities including:  The Child Saving Institute, Ronald McDonald House, Various Private School Charities, Various Arts Charities, the Omaha Food Bank and more.

Catering Creations believes in educating our young.  We host culinary classes so that Girl and Boy Scouts may receive their cooking badges.  Our Executive Chef/Owner is an adjunct Professor at Metro Community College’s Culinary School and is also part of the 2017-2018 Culinary Arts and Hospitality Advisory Board.  Our Director of Sales/Owner works with several guilds within our community to help with fundraising for organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House and the Child Saving Institute.

As a company, we have organized drives for school supplies and canned goods for the Back Pack Program for the Open Door Mission and the Omaha Food Bank.  As a team this year, we volunteered stuffing backpacks for the Omaha Food Bank’s Backpack program as well as taking part in helping produce the  Food Bank’s Largest Free Spaghetti Feed.

During COVID-19 we have striven to provide meals to those in need.  We are grateful to be able to supply hundreds of hot meals to Catholic Charities & Sienna Francis House, during such an unprecedented time

If your organization is in need of in-kind or donation dollars, please fill out the attached request application for review.  We will contact you should the request be approved.  Due to the large number of requests we receive each week, we regrettably cannot donate to every cause.  Please use the application rather than phone solicitations so that we may streamline our donation process.  Thank you!

Donation Request Application

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