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July 21, 2008 - For Immediate Release

Catering Creations Wins Cover Photo Contest with National Publication:  Catersource Magazine

Catersource Magazine, a National Trade Publication for Professional Caterers, selected a Photo Submission from Omaha based catering company, Catering Creations, to grace the Cover of their July/August 2008 Magazine issue.  Photo Submissions were accepted from Caterers all over the U.S.A. to compete for 6 cover spots on the 2008 Catersource Magazine. The winning Catering Creations’ photo subject was Baja Crab Salad inside a Fried Tortilla Cone. This bite sized hors d’oeuvres is made up of Cheddar-Jalapeno and Spinach Tortillas fried into a petite cone shape and filled with a Zesty Baja Crab Salad topped with sliced chive and served standing in a bed of multi-colored lentil beans.  Food Styling and Presentation for the Photo is credited to Jeff Snow, Owner and Executive Chef of Catering Creations.  Photography credit goes to local photography company, Something New Productions. The Photo appeared on the cover of the July/August 2008 Magazine issue and an article about Catering Creations, the event where this photo was produced, and a recipe for the Baja Crab Salad in a Tortilla Cornucopia appear inside the magazine in an article titled:  “Behind the Cover – Creative License”.

Jennifer Snow, Co-Owner of Catering Creations stated, “We are absolutely thrilled to have been chosen for the Cover of the Catersource Magazine!  Catersource has been such a great resource to our company for many years!  We know the caliber of caterers that competed for this cover shot.  This is an audience of people we consider to be more than our peers, but the people we look to for ideas and advice.  I’m not sure we can even describe the true honor this brings to us to win a competition amongst this amazing group of talented caterers across the country.  We have always looked to Catersource Magazine as well as the Caterer’s from their Advisory Board as the leading experts in the catering industry.  We are absolutely ecstatic that they are using something that we produced to show and teach to other caterers.”

Catering Creations ( is a full service, off-premise caterer approved for many local venues such as:  Durham Western Heritage Museum, Scoular Ballroom, Joslyn Castle, Henry Doorly Zoo, and Scottish Rite Center, among many others.  They cater to a wide variety of events such as wedding receptions, corporate cocktail functions, fundraising galas, and a wide variety of other events.  Jeff and Jennifer Snow are the owners of Catering Creations.  Jeff Snow is the company’s Executive Chef and is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.  Prior to owning Catering Creations, Jeff Snow was best known in Omaha for his 10-year stint as Executive Chef of the French Café in the Downtown Old Market from 1992 to 2002.  

Catersource Magazine ( is America’s leading and only independently audited national trade publication for professional caterers.  Catersource Magazine explores all aspects of catering and delivers the latest education, products and industry news in each issue. Their target audience includes professional caterers from coast to coast. Catersource Magazine is the nation’s largest catering-specific trade publication with a distribution of 25,000 copies all over the world to some of the top producing companies in the world such as ARAMARK, Bon Appetit, Sodexho, Compass, and Walt Disney World.

Something New Productions ( is a wedding photographer and production company that will document your special event.  They specialize in weddings using great attention to details and focus on customer service.   


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November 2, 2006 - For Immediate Release

Margarite's Catering Retires & Names Catering Creations as Successor

Margarite Goodenow, owner of Margarite's Catering announced in a letter to clients this week that after 27 years of catering events throughout Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA and their surrounding areas, she will retire at the end of this year and close the doors to Margarite's Catering. In her letter to clients, Margarite referred both her confirmed clients and prospective clients to call Catering Creations. In an agreement between the two catering companies, Catering Creations will honor Margarite's confirmed events for 2007 by holding the dates for those events as well as honoring the proposed bids and menus for those clients. "A confirmed event is an event for which Margarite's Catering has already received a deposit." said Jennifer Snow of Catering Creations. "Additionally, we are meeting with many of Margarite's prospective clients and we are currently working on creating our own menu proposals for their events. We will do our best to try to match most of Margarite's pricing structure for those prospective clients, but we cannot make guarantees if they are not already confirmed events." added Snow.

Catering Creations is encouraging Margarite's clients to call them and set up an appointment to go over the details of their events. While waiting for their appointment, clients are encouraged to visit the Catering Creations' website: to learn more about the company and its services. To ease the transition, Margarite's Catering has provided Catering Creations with copies of the 2007 client menus and event proposals.

Jennifer Snow of Catering Creations stated, "We hope that all of Margarite's clients will decide to work with us. However, if after their initial appointment with us, any of Margarite's confirmed clients decide to opt out of the transfer, they will receive a refund of their deposit. We are honored that an experienced catering veteran like Margarite Goode now has entrusted us with her clients and we hope to make the transition as easy as possible for everyone. We are so impressed by what an excellent company Margarite has created and her efforts to take care of her clients even after her retirement show what a truly exceptional person she is."

When asked to comment on why she chose Catering Creations, Margarite Goodenow stated, "I've been able to learn a lot about Catering Creations over the last 4 years since both companies cater at many of the same locations. I feel that they have created an excellent reputation for themselves. They have excellent food, reasonable prices, and a reputation for being honest."

Both Margarite's Catering and Catering Creations are full service, off-premise caterers. They are both approved caterers for many locations such as: Durham Western Heritage Museum, Scoular Ballroom, Joslyn Castle, Henry Doorly Zoo, and the Scottish Rite Center, to name a few.

Margarite Goodenow is the owner and head chef for Margarite's Catering and holds a degree in Food and Nutrition from Iowa State University. She started her catering company in 1979. Prior to that she was the owner of the Granery Restaurant in Council Bluffs from 1967 - 1979.

Jeff and Jennifer Snow are the owners of Catering Creations. Jeff Snow is the company's Executive Chef and is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Prior to owning Catering Creations, Jeff Snow was best known in Omaha for his 10 year stint as Executive Chef of the French Café in the Downtown Old Market from 1992 to 2002. "This opportunity couldn't have come at a better time." stated Jennifer Snow. "We have seen quite a bit of growth in the last few years. Before talking to Margarite's Catering, we were already in the process of negotiating a lease with one of two possible new locations for our catering kitchen. Either of the new locations will be approximately two and a half times the size of our current location, so we feel we are prepared for the additional business this will bring."

Contact: Jennifer Snow
Owner, Catering Creations
Phone: 402-558-3202